jeudi, janvier 21

SWEDENTRAILS – THe Sobre Versatile Monstercross of Jens ÖST



SOBRE VERSATILE, the gravel / cross frameset (frame+fork) proposed by the French brand is at the based of many and various set-up like the monstercross version proposed by Jens ÖST owner of SWEDENTRAILS. The Versatile is made of Cromo 4130 Double Butted with a weight around 2180g in Medium and accept tires up to 700x42c and designed for multi-purpose uses.

SWEDENTRAILS is a Sweden company, owned by Jens ÖST. The website is dedicated to running and cycling outdoors activities in Sweden for nature lovers. The online store, for Swedish customers, wish to sell some of the best product available on the international market and does not want to work with high volume and bargain price in respect of the customer. All the products available on the online store have all been long tested by Jens to ensure their reliability under Swedish condition and climate. SWEDENTRAILS is also a small but skilled media agency.

Jens, who is also the happy owner of a Sobre DAD, has built from scratch a monstercross (Road-Mtb hybrid) with as a base the wellknown Sobre VERSATILE frameset. This bike is dedicated to do, touring, carrying child to the park and will lately be used for bike packing through Europe : an all day adventure performance machine.
About the front light, as Jens enjoy riding at nightfall, it is a Lumonite NAVIGATOR 2500 (2770lumen).


I´ve always been fond of steel frames. I really like the lively characteristics. French Sobre makes simple yet elegant steel frames without any fuzz. My first Sobre whas the 29” DAD, a super fun steel hardtail ( ). But i do a lot of long distance gravel riding with elements of accessible Swedish trails. I really like to spend time experiencing nature in the saddle. But a capable mountain-bike sometimes feels like a little bit ”over kill”. Enter the ”Versatile MC”.  The Sobre Versatile ”Monster Cross” is my all-road "one bike to rule them all" multi purpose bike for MTB XC, touring, commuting, bike packing, rides to kindergarden etc. The bike is made to handle all kind of conditions from road to off-road. I´ve took it for XC racing and it handled OK. The goal was to build a bike that is funny to ride in almost any conditions. Off course it lacks of DH/enduro capability, main focus is all day adventure performance. The long term goal is to take it bike packing through Europe."



Thanks to Jens ÖST for its time andd the very nice detailed pictures provided.

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