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CAMINADE reveals its new Caminade ALL-ROAD made in France in Ille-Sur-Tet, near Perpignan. Behind the ALL ROAD hides the performance-to-measure program of the Catalan craftsman. The ALLROAD frame is not fixed in a practice, it is up to you to move the cursor between Road and Gravel according to your need and Caminade operates to deliver you your dream machine.


The ALLROAD is the first Caminade made entirely of straight steel tubes. However, in 2016, as part of the launch of the Custom Program, the French craftsman had already proposed a Triathlon bike but only with straight saddle tube.

This is not a questioning, the brand has the reflex to answer a growing demand for Caminades with straight tubes that can not be ignored. But this is not the only novelty. This choice goes hand in hand with the introduction of Columbus LIFE, HSS, SPIRIT (Allroad Nobium) and XCR (AllRoad Inox) steels tubes until now not yet proposed by the brand. Indeed, this will allow the craftsman to use steel tubes with very thin walls according to the bike desired by the customer. Lighter, more powerful, the ALLROAD is the only model in the range wearing the Columbus sticker (100% Columbus).

Each AllROAD is a unique piece made to measure to fit precisely to your morphology and your expectations. It is in a way the fulfilment of the very precise idea of the bike of your dreams that it is predominantly road or path or between the two. To do this, you have to develop, with the participation of Caminade, functional specification : your expectations in terms of performance, if you want to participate in race, doing extreme touring ..., ect .... and make the choice between Nobium or stainless steel. It is also necessary to carry out a body geometry... the best being to do it directly at the Caminade workshop...and discuss with the team.

The geometry and choice of the steel tubes is a crucial first step. The framebuilder selects a more or less important tubes diameter, a specific tubes thickness according to the project and the morphology of the pilot. The design of your Allroad is subject to many exchanges with Caminade to reach the end of its design.


Whether you want an Allroad carved for a road use, gravel or in the balance between the two practices, the frame features a pronounced sloping top tube, trademark of this model. The compact front triangle provides good lateral stiffness but also a significant vertical flexibility gain for comfort thanks to the flexibility of the long seatpost. The bottom bracket is threaded - BSA68mm standard, the most reliable standard on the market. The 44mm steering socket is in a common diameter for the Nobium or Stainless steel frame, leaving the choice between a tapered or straight fork. According to the program and the type of braking (disc or cantilever), Caminade recommends a rear axle between the various standard available 142x12MM - 135X10 - 130X10. Same for transmission - double and single-ring are offered.


  • Steel Frame made to measure in Columbus Nobium or Inox
  • Bottom Bracket BSA 68mm
  • Headtube 44mm for a straight or tapered fork
  • Rear wheel axle 142x12MM - 135X10 - 130X10
  • Transmission Double or Single ring
  • Brakes : Disc or Cantilever


Stainless steel is new at CAMINADE and this requires some adaptations. To weld hot-oxidation-sensitive stainless steel, the craftsman must first replace the ambient air present inside the tubes with an inert (noble) gas, in this case argon whose oxygen composition is less than 5%. The heat during welding has also been adapted so as not to deform the very thin tubes (up to 0.40 mm thick). It is also for Caminade an intermediate step in the control of the welding before proposing titanium frames.

Stainless steel has a mechanical strength beyond the Nobium steel. It is rough, less elastic, its elongation is 10% against 14% for the Nobium frames (Columbus Life Spirit and HSS) and 20% for the curved steel tubes used for the other Caminade's bikes. This gives the ALLROAD Inox a sportier and more nervous temper. More rigid also, this is a reason why Caminade favors a long seatpost outing to increase comfort.

Stainless steel, thanks to its resistance linked to the low thickness of its tubes allows to propose light frameworks for all the practices: roads - gravel. This is the main difference with the Columbus Nobium steels for which it is necessary to mix between the families according to the desired cycling practice. An AllRoad stainless steel frame dedicated to a pure Gravel use weighs about 1600g. An AllRoad stainless steel carved for a pure road cycling use will be under 1500g, it's about 150 grams less than a Nobium steel, but it's mostly a more nervous and puncher setting than you will obtain.

Thus for the AllRoad Inox, Caminade plays with the different Columbus XCR tubes available to compose the frame according to your morphology and the decicated cycling use. For the front triangle, the tubes have diameters ranging from 28.6mm to 42mm. The rear triangle consists of round or round oval bases depending on the project. The same applies to the seatstays where the choice is made between stright or curved tubes if the Allroad Inox is intended to accommodate narrow or wide tires.


His bike is a demo-bike. It is an ALLROAD Gravel light weighing only 8.2kgs without pedals (the pilot measures 1m83). A performance-oriented model without sacrificing comfort. The frame is made-to-measure from Columbus XCR steel-inox tubes. The double butted diagonal tube is of a consequent diameter of 38mm with thicknesses of only 0.65-0.45-0.65mm which has the role of limiting the torsion generated by the pedaling. The top-tube is a diameter of 31.7mm 0.7-0.5-0.7mm, smaller it plays its role in the overall comfort of the bike. The headtube is also in stainless steel Columbus XCR, a height of 170mm suitable for gravel.

The seatstays are the Columbus XCR Cyclocross S-Bend (pre-curved) offering enough clearance around the rear tire - here a Hutchinson OVERIDE 38mm developed in cooperation with Caminade. The IS-standard disc brackets are a homemade design.

The cable routing is done internally from the top, that is why we find this small "triple triangle". It is a complex designed to be carried out but avoids raising the cable-housing at the bottom of the bottom bracket. The rear dérailleur cable-housing comes directly out at the rear of the chainstays. The same procedure is applied for the disc brake, the integration is really successful. AllRoad stainless steel are fitted with internal cable routing as standard. The Columbus XCR Cyclocross S-Bend (pre-curved) offers enough clearance around the rear tire - here a Hutchinson OVERIDE 38mm developed in cooperation with Caminade. The IS-standard disc brackets are a homemade design.

Regarding components, the fork is a tapered TRP carbon disk for wheel in 15mm. The wheels are ASTERION WHEELS - Model Edition One (1,420gr) with wide carbon rims and Sapim CX Ray spokes. The transmission is entrusted to the groupset SRAM FORCE 1, single crankring of 42t and a wide rear cassette in 10-42. Same source for hydraulic brakes. The long seatpost is a carbon HOPE model.

"Materials, wheels, stiffness, disc, thickness, handling, flexibility, single crankring, stability, tubes diameter, colors, components, cantilever brakes, tires, integrated, sloping, tubeless ... many things are possible. : This sums up very well the "Sur-Mesure à la carte" at Caminade.

The AllRoad is available as a complete bike with a wide range of mounting options for every budget. It is also available as a single frame from 1299 euros for a frame composed of Columbus Life, Spirit or HSS Steel Tubes depending on the project and your morphology. It costs 2,999 euros for the Columbus XCR Stainless Steel Frame - this one includes as a standard internal cable routing and a hand-polished mirror finish.

The ALLROAD is available worldwide, please contact CAMINADE to find out the price in your currency as well as the specific condition related to your country regarding the shipment.

Frame Caminade Allroad Nobium - Columbus : 1299 euros
Frame Caminade Allroad INOX - Columbus XCR : 2299 euros

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