LAFRAISE CYCLES – based in Roubaix (France) – most of you known the famous paved race “Paris – Roubaix” is a brand new steel bikes handcrafter that propose 100% bespoke bikes. Launched since July 2015 and owned by Andreas BEHRENS, the brand name (meaning THE STRAWBERRY) find its source in the lastname of Andreas : BEHRENS wich if you pronounce it well is close the german word “Erdbeeren” = strawberry.

To compete in the "CONCOURS DE MACHINE 2016" organized in France one of the qualification requested is to build its own frame on the French Territory. Checked ! Andreas owner of LAFRAISE CYCLES is a german framebuilder based in Roubaix (France) since a year (2015).
The 2016 theme is to propose a light touring machine made from your preferred material, it can be either aluminum, carbon, titanium and of course. To build is machine, Andreas as chosen steel tubes. Steel, outside to be a great material to build a frame with, provide him the freedom to create all the design and geometry possible; he usually use Reynolds or Columbus tubing : check is quick presentation here.

The light touring bike of LAFRAISE CYCLES designed for the event, features a lugged frame and an horizontal top tube giving a classic look to the machine. The fork steerer is 1" non threaded to reinforce this retro spirit. At the opposite, this machine is fully equipped with modern and reliable components to race within the best condition for the 3 races that compose the "CONCOURS DE MACHINE 2016".

The frame, bespoke, is handmade of Columbus Spirit for the front triangle and Columbus SL (replacing the mythic Columbus SLX), for the seatstays, chainstays and headtube : it features a lugged construction. Lug, outside of giving a lovely retro look intend to reinforce the comfort of the bike. The lug by itself increase the surface of the joint, where higher stresses are, so the frame can damp vibration more efficiently. Combine to the use of steel and 435mm chainstays, the bike is perfect to filter vibration during the 235km road race and also the rocky-gravel trail when the pilot has to race on the 73km gravel track.
Designed for a 186cm rider, the top tube is 598mm long and slight shorter than the 600mm seattube, it keeps the frame "compact" for a good handling on gravel path. It features an handmade stem of 100mm mount on the top of a long headtude (73° angle), that prevent the use of a large amount of spacer : the handling stay stiff and precise.

The fork is also handmade by LAFRAISE CYCLES from "Kaiser Toei Special" fork blades. Made in Japan those fork blades are inspired by the legendary Reynolds 531 fork blades, they are stiff near the crown for a good handling but flexible in the lower section to absorbs irregularities on the road-trail. The steerer tube is a 1" type from columbus.




LAFRAISE CYCLES has chosen modern components. Shifters, front and rear dérailleurs, chain are from SRAM Force 22 groupset coupled to a very nice White Industries 50/34 complete road crankset (Square taper - Made in USA). Touring cantilever are also Made in USA, those are Paul Components Touring Cantilever that allow to mount large tires like the Compass Stampede Pass 700cx32 that are set up on this machine.
Wheels are built by Andreas and features are the front the well known german SON Delux hub to powerised the SON Edelux II at the front and SON (modified) at the rear. The rear hub in an American White Industries T11 model that welcome 32 DT Swiss Revolution spokes and a H Plus Son Archetype 700c, 32H rims.
The front and unique rack is bespoke and handmade by TIMTAS, a dutch company that has the particularity to produce “Bolt-on” rack (non welded) from stainless steel tubes. The front bag is also from TIMTAS.

The estimated price for the complete bikes is 4300 euros.
If you like LA FRAISE CYCLES and wants to know more about its bikes : model, price... you can have a look at the quick presentation i have done here :

LA FRAISE CYCLES bikes and frameset are available worldwide, please contact Andreas for an accurate price in your currency and to know all shipment details.

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