STOOGE CYCLES STEEL FAT BIKE is for now a prototype, but its testing and improvement period are coming to an end and this new machine will be soon available.
The brand is named after the American group "The Stooges" from one of the two singers is the well known Mr Iggy POP.... and the brand is in the philosophy of the group : being an outsider and doing your own things despite what is hot and in vogue at the moment.

The STOOGE CYCLES STEEL FAT BIKE should be made from the same kind of steel tubes : aircraft grade 4130 chromoly and welded by Taiwan’s most respected frame builder, like its wellknown brother the STOOGE STEEL 29er. The STOOGE CYCLES STEEL FAT BIKE is not designed to become a trekking monster machine equipped with 5", it is the opposite. It is born from the wish to produce a real fun steel fat bike to ride... ...and maybe to hit the timer on your favorite track, a trail gobbler that keeps you smiling all along your ride. Imagine it like an aggressive hardtail Mountain Bike that allow you to do a lots of stupid things on a it..but mixed with Fat Tires. Exit the twin top tube, trademark of the STOOGE STEEL 29er, this is a completely new bike that features a single top tube.

Keeping the STOOGE philosophy to be a bike for life, this future FAT BIKE is versatile in wheels sizes allowing you to ride it either with 26"x4, 27,5"x3.8 or 29"+ depending on your mood, wish and also the trail... The geometry is announce to be slightly longer than the STOOGE STEEL 29er and with a slacker angle, probably around 68degrees, meaning that the bike is designed to be stable at high speed. The curved seat tube is also interesting letting guess that chain-stay could be short for responsiveness....420mm ?
The headtube is certainly a 44mm type for tapered fork (highly recommended) and maybe designed to receive for example an RS BULTO suspension fork. From now, the frame will be sold without a fork but STOOGE will sell a FAT BIKE fork designed for the model and probably the carbon BONTRAGER (maybe it is the Bontrager HARU Carbon fatbike fork 150x15mm axle, oclv carbon, tapered and 210mm rotor max) that you can see on the photo will be available from STOOGE...wait and see.
Seatpost diameter, looking at the pictures should be a 31,6mm to accept most of the suspended seatpost on the market, and bottom bracket a 100mm BSA threaded. One color available as a standard, blue expecting the the mirror finished with the STOOGE logo will also be available as standard

No information about the weight of the frame, but the price, not confirmed yet, should be around £500 for the single frame. First shot for the STOOGE CYCLES STEEL FAT BIKE will be around 20-30 frames so keep an eyes on its Facebook page to know when to get yours because for now the STOOGE TEAM is testing the bike to finalize choices on some elements.

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