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HOPE, the famous English brand of Barnoldswick was participating at the Eurobike 2016 in this early september. They have brought in their wallet their nice range of wellknown components that are very popular with frame builders when they have to set up a complete bike. Yes and you all know they have launch their own handmade enduro carbon frame the HB211...100% handmade in UK...and here at veloacier we like such handcrafted products even if their a not made of steel.

But well, i am not here to present you in details their crazy machine handmade in UK but you can find more info here, scroll down hope france facebook page till the video on the 2 of september. Take a closer look to the rear of the bike...there is a unique piece of steel...and it is on the cassette !

This is not so 100% new, but an extension of what is already available. This cassette is based on the current Hope 10-40T and 10-44T 11speed cassettes by using one massive billet of hardened stainless steel for the first 7 sprockets, and a second smaller billet of aluminium for the 4 largest.

Photos of the DH Cassette and its current 10/40-44T extension

The first part / block of the cassette, also sold as a DH 7 speed Cassette, is the masterpiece. Those first 7 sprockets (10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24t) are made of one piece of hardened stainless steel : strong and resistant ready to ride over time (certainly long tested in wet and muddy conditions under an unpredictable "English weather" ).
To expand the cassette to 11 speed, the 4 largest sprockets  are machined in a single piece of Aluminium like already seen on their wide range cassette. If it is produced in the same way, those 4 last aluminium sprockets are also going to be available as spare parts for those that already own their 10/40/44t cassette.
This prototype is an answer to SRAM eagle 10/50T and the Shimano XT 11-46T....right in the middle..and yes as its start with a small 10t sprockets, the complete cassette request a specific freehub developed by hope available on HOPE4 and compatible with HOPE2.

For now, there are no official information about any further development, testing and neither for any chance to see it produced at large scale and commercialized.....wait and see for next spring 2017 !
Like all HOPE components, this cassette is of course made in UK !

Hope Website :
Hope on Facebook :

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Unfortunetly you all now what happened in July 2016 to Simon SHARP, co-founder of HOPE...the prototype HB.211 shown at the EUROBIKE 2016 was dedicated to him with a small kindness on the frame...