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SOBRE OFF 2017...born in Beaujolais is launched in the harvest season, a brand new edition for this mythic bike of the SOBRE MTB range firstly launched in 2009. A this time, the bike was still in 26inch wheels, same wheel size in 2012 but with a new 44mm headtube...the OFF was lately replaced by the CASH in 2014 launched with 650B wheels.

Take the Cash, add a pinch of the second edition of the SOBRE OFF, add an extra of 650B+ and you obtain the new SOBRE OFF 2017. Of course, this new model definitely replaces the SOBRE CASH which is now sold out. The aim is the same : All-Mountain, Enduro Hardtail...but with 650B wheels (27,5x2.4) or 650B+ (27,5x2.8).

If previously the last OFF 2012 was made of Reynolds 520 for the front triangle...the new SOBRE OFF 2017 inherit of a Cromo 4130 frame, in the same spirit of the CASH. Nobody loose with this change regarding the previous edition in Reynolds 520. Actually the Reynolds 520 tubeset is also produced in Taiwan. Despite it is named Reynolds, the technical characteristic of the Cromo used by SOBRE are similar and this is a choice / evolution that we found on most of the biggest bike builder steel bike range that jump from a Reynolds 520 tubeset to a cromo under their name. But for the French brand this is also a technical choice due to the downtube quite oversizes, in anticipation to the aggressive riding program, a diameter not available at Reynolds. For the SOBRE OFF 2017 we finally have a frame made of Cromo4130 but we a front triangle double and triple butted depending on the tube. The frame, as usual, receives an anti-rust treatment both internal and external.

Regarding the global technical characteristics of the frame, it accepts 650B and 650B+ wheels :

  • 650B with tires up to 27,5x2.4 - A fork from 140 to 160mm -
  • 650B+ with tires up to 27,5x2.8 - a frok from 120 to 140mm -

You can at least set-up the frame with 650B+ tires in 2.8" - 72mm large - with a rim of 40mm internal, this is the set up presented on the picture. The headtube is straight and 44mm diamater for a tapered (recommended) and non-tapered front fork. The frame is also equipped with an internal cable guide to set up a suspension seatpost, pretty well integrated on the seat tube with an entrance made of polymer that routes the housing till the top.

Rear dropouts can be switched from 142x12 or 135x10...but no BOOST, indeed SOBRE is on proposing frame and still a lot of people needs to use thru-axle 142x12 or the more classical 135x10mm. Same idea with the BSA Threated bottom brackets : easy to set up and also maintain, affordable and durable.

2 colors are immediatly available, green and black for the SOBRE OFF 2017 : a third one will be proposed at the end of the 2016 year. The paint is powder.

What about the geometry ? some slight modification in comparison to the previous CASH. Following dtas are based on a set-up with 27,5x2.4" tires and a RS YARIS fork in 150mm.

The bike is now more orientated for an "aggressive use". The headtube angle is from 67,1 (cash) to now 66,4° on the new off who is linked to a lower bottom bracket (-9mm) with now 309mm height. Those 2 data show that the bikes program is to ride fast with an even better stability than the previous cash. The top is in the same idea : pretty long with 604mm (M size) with a longer reach (418mm). Seat tube angle put the rider slightly on the front - 73.4° . Chainstays are short, but not too short, with 428mm to keep the machine reactive.

What about the price ? 465 euros (France) for the frame only, a low price that allows you to focus on the equipment. Sobre bikes are sold all over the work, you can contact SOBRE to know who could be the distributor in your country, but you can also order from its online-shop.

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SOBRE OFF 2017 – 27,5×2.8 – fork 120mm


SOBRE OFF 2017 – 27,5×2.4 – fork 160mm