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SINGLE BE – E-KILLER – Dedacciai and Zehus Electric Engine

singlebe-ekiller-moteur electrique zehus-cadre-acier-Dedacciai-veloacier

singlebe-ekiller-moteur electrique zehus-cadre-acier-Dedacciai-veloacier

Here is a new realization Made In Czech Republic - by the craftsman Single BE. A motorized commuter bike (Electric bike) based on the Street-Killer model. This platform is generally dedicated to riders who like to move around the city in an "acrobatic" way by making good use of their technical skills. But here the goal is different.

This E-Killer 650B is the first Street-Killer to be powered. Its dark finish really does not leave indifferent and reminds me of the Cannondale BadBoy ... but the comparison stops it. It is destined to the wife of the purchaser of the very first Street-Killer produced by SingleBE which fell under the spell of her husband's bike. Only, if she does not intend to jump all obstacles, she still wants to keep up with the pace. That's why she opted for an electric edition of the Street Killer.

The frame is made, like all Street-Killer for now, with Dedacciai Zero-Uno Italian steel tubes - MTB series - whether for the front triangle or the rear triangle. There is still a small variant. Generally the seat tube of a street killer is flattened to leave space for the tire and to reduce the rear bases to 399mm. But here, with a less twirling and rather urban use, the saddle tube is round and the bases longer with 410mm. On this bike the headtube angle is soft with 68 degrees which makes its part of the work to keep the bike stable once coupled with the minimum wheelbase of 1064mm.

It is designed to be set up with wheels in 650B only. The dropouts are horizontal and welcome the axis of the ZEHUS electric motor hub detailed below. Under the top tube there are three screwed-on fixing points, it is by no means intended to attach a carrying bag. Those three screws make it possible, if necessary, to fix cable housing in the frame in case the pilot wishes to mount a wheel equipped with a Shimano Alfine 11 hub.

The front fork Cannondale Lefty Rigid is one of the signatures of the Street Killer. Mono-arm, it is a model of rigidity. The hub of the front wheel with 32 spokes, specific Lefty, comes screwed on the rocket (made of steel) of the fork. The only constraint to the assembly / disassembly of the wheel is that it is necessary to tilt the front brake ... but it is twice nothing. The wheels built by SingleBE are equipped with Mavic XM 119 rims at the front and 319 at the rear (with eyelets). The tires are Schwalbe BigOne 650bx2.35 (Tubeless Ready) which offer a very low rolling resistance and which Thanks to Snakeskin technology have increased resistance to cuts.

The transmission is chain, while the Street-Killer is normally using a belt. Although the ZEHUS Engine is suitable for belts, here it is mainly a matter of budget. In terms of braking, it is quite limited since there is only one brake in front, a Shimano XT.


This ZEHUS engine manufactured in Italy is from the family of what we could call "all in one". The rear hub which has a diameter of 180mm and a width of 120mm for a weight of 3kilos contains the whole system. The motor (250w) and the battery (160w) are integrated in the hub. No external cables. The battery is recharges thanks to the principle of the dynamo when you do not use the engine, nevertheless if necessary you can recharge it on an electric plug.

There is no screen, but if you want to be able to view or manage your speed, the state of charge of the battery, make a system diagnosis, lock the bike (engine), or other functions .. .ZEHUS has developed an application for Smartphone that connects to the engine with Bluetooth. (IOS & android only). Http://

singlebe-ekiller-moteur electrique zehus-cadre-acier-Dedacciai-veloacier

singlebe-ekiller-moteur electrique zehus-cadre-acier-Dedacciai-veloacier

A beautiful E-bike designed by SingleBe that is quite different from the more traditional E-bikes. If you would like to buy a SingleBe bike, Tomas, the owner of the brand, will guide you in the set-up of your project. He will propose the series of steel tubes most appropriate to your project, same for the components.

SingleBe sells anywhere in the world, do not hesitate to contact them to know the terms of transport and the prices in your currencies.
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